The extension of your organization for Direct Mail and Fulfilment

HCM is designed to support and relieve
in Direct Mail and Fulfilment projects.
We listen, think and advise to choose the best solution that fits your objective, available time and budget.

Grip on quality and progress

Information and communication are central to our working method. We inform you supported by photographs about the materials delivered to us. When in doubt about the quality or approaching critical deadlines, we contact you immediately by phone.

This is also how we handle your shipments. You receive photos of the various components and a shipping-ready model to check the final result before you approve the shipment. This way you have visibility and control over quality and progress at all stages of the DM and Fulfilment process.

You look over our shoulder (if you wish)

HCM has a SAP ERP system that we use to streamline our processes and provide clients with real-time visibility. A workflow is created for all new assignments which, in combination with our HCM-10 step process, provides maximum control over the progress of your assignment. We actively report deviations back to quickly switch to an alternative that fits the agreed upon quality and deadline. Through our HCM portal, clients can keep track of their inventory and online orders. We connect with Shopify and other e-commerce platforms for flawless and fast fulfillment.

Sustainability and diversity

Whenever possible, we choose more sustainable resources and materials for the DM and Fulfilment projects entrusted to us. Residual and surplus materials are recycled. Diversity is not an issue for HCM: we gladly welcome new employees with a distance to the labor market and coach status holders across language barriers to learn our profession and the HCM mentality.

Also when things get exciting

For the best and fastest solutions, we can produce the envelopes, packaging materials and printing ourselves. Our experienced and creative team and our extensive logistics network guarantee high resolution, flexibility and reliability. A deal is a deal. Even when things get exciting, we find the solution that ensures that your own organization and your customers do not notice.